'It is remarkable how many Americans – male and female – find it hard to imagine a woman in the White House. Suzanne Goldenberg’s impeccably researched book is a gripping study of the obstacles Hillary Clinton has overcome in her bid for the presidency – and of the mountain she still must climb.’

Polly Toynbee

'A brilliantly objective and informative assesment’

Jon Snow

‘Will the United States do something in 2008 that was previously considered unthinkable: actually electing a woman as its President? And does Hillary Rodham Clinton possess that mixture of savvy and ruthlessness needed to make history by making it to the White House?
In this lucid, compelling and very shrewd assessment of the woman who might just become Madam President, Suzanne Goldenberg not only presents us with the warring factions that make up Ms Clinton’s complex emotional makeup, but also with the shifting personal and political allegiances that have marked her life. Sidestepping cliche and psychobabble, Ms Goldenberg truly understands how power in America is grabbed and wielded. As such, this is a first-rate work of political portraiture – and essential reading for anyone wanting to know the price paid for being Hillary Rodham Clinton’

Douglas Kennedy

'Nothing could be more timely than a look at a woman who, win or lose, is to be one of the dominant personalities of 2008. And few are better placed to assess Hillary Clinton than the always keen-eyed Suzanne Goldenberg’

Jonathan Freedland

'Thoughtfully pithy study"

Richard Bath, Scotland on Sunday